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Equal Pay Days / Raising awareness European Commission.

The Day is organised by Business and Professional Women BPW Austria. During the autumn on the 8th of October 2013 another Equal Pay Day is held to mark the day when men already earned what women will have earned at the end of the year as women in Austria earn around 23% less than men for full-time work. On the occasion of the Equal Pay Day several organisations organised public awareness activities e.g. the Austrian Trade Union Federation organised flashmobs. Belgium was the first country in Europe to organise an Equal Pay Day in 2005. The campaign focused the attention of the public and of policymakers on the pay gap between women and men.

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Jump to navigation search. Look up payday in Wiktionary the free dictionary. A pay day or payday is a specified day when one is paid usually workers collecting wages from their employers. Pay Day PayDay or Payday may also refer to. Film and TV edit. Pay Day 1918 film a 1922 film by Sidney Drew. Pay Day 1922 film a 1922 film by Charlie Chaplin. Pay Day 1944 film a 1944 short film. Payday 1972 film a 1972 film directed by Daryl Duke and written by Don Carpenter. Payday MASH a third-season episode of MASH. Payday TV series a weekly TV quiz show on Channel Five. Payday Canadian TV series 1973-1974 a television series. Toys games and brands edit.

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Independent of difficulty is the pro job condition pro jobs give additional experience but cannot be retried if the players fail. Some contracts in Payday 2 take place over multiple days with each day represented by a separate level with different objectives. 8 After a day is complete the game may add an escape level where the players original escape is thwarted and they must survive to reach their backup getaway. Many jobs in Payday 2 can be completed in stealth. If players avoid getting caught on camera evade or silently kill security guards and keep any civilian witnesses from calling the police the alarm will not be raised and the players will receive an experience bonus."